worship leader.



Jimmy’s energy and passion for God is contagious, and he leads worship out of an overflow of his love for Jesus. Serving as one of the worship leaders within “Austin Stone Worship”, God continues to challenge Jimmy and his bandmates to live out their lives with purpose, while loving and serving others in the process.


What's your favorite aspect of being a worship leader?

As a worship leader at The Austin Stone Community Church, Jimmy has a sincere desire for the body of Christ to devote their whole lives to worshiping God not only inside, but outside the walls of the church building. His loyalty to the local church is an inspiration to many. But as a young man, growing up in Waxahachie, TX, he had no clue this would be the road that God would take him on. He feels extremely blessed to be under such great church leadership at The Austin Stone and to be part of an amazing church community. Jimmy is humbled that God would allow him to do what he is doing. This was all a part of God's handiwork from one dream to the next.

Did you always want to be a worship leader growing up?

“I’m living a dream I didn’t even know I had” is a phrase Jimmy uses often when speaking about his career. He had big dreams of using the money he would make as an NFL linebacker to fund his career as an R&B artist. His first shot at fame came with his appearance on American Idol. Although he was cut shortly after becoming a top 40 finalist, Jimmy knew that God was preparing him for something different. "God used this opportunity to bring me to a place of complete surrender. I remember reading Luke 9:23-24 over and over again, praying and asking God to do with my life what He pleased … just to simply have His way within me." Jimmy had all his goals and dreams lined up and being a worship leader wasn’t on the radar. He would be the first to tell you that he did not want to be a Worship Leader. It wasn't until God began to reveal to him a calling to and passion for worship that he began to pursue it.


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Jimmy McNeal